Travelling later in life offers many advantages

When the media talks about life-changing travel, they often describe the twenty-something traveller strapping a heavy pack to their back and heading off around the world on a big adventure. Fresh faced millennials starting their lives out with little money and no responsibilities. “Do it while you’re young”, they say.

We have a different view of travel. We believe the triumphant joys of discovering new places is an ageless experience. The excitement you feel when you embark on a trip to a faraway land never goes away. And the invigorated sense of wonder that comes when you step out into a unique destination and meet new people is a life-affirming encounter that never gets old.

More than that, we know that travelling later in life has some very distinct advantages.

The benefits of travelling when you’re older

There are many perks to travelling with a few decades under your belt.

Now that you’re a bit older, you likely know more about yourself. That means you can choose a destination and holiday style that’s really suited to you. No more keeping up with the Jones’ or trying to please other people. You may have dreamt of slowing down and really getting to know one or two key destinations, rather than rushing from place to place. Now you can.

Your maturity allows you to see the true value of things. You understand the magic of what you’re experiencing, and can really savour the moment. Every minute is meaningful and the memories you make will last forever.

Commonly, you might have more savings up your sleeve, so you don’t have to rough it in rundown hostels or crash on a relative’s couch. It’s no longer necessary to squeeze yourself onto crowded buses and eat ramen noodles. You know what you need to be comfortable and don’t have to sacrifice any of it. Now’s the time to enjoy!