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Fully hosted, small group holidays to Asia, for women

We are back!  After a rough few years for us all, travel is back and we are so excited to be able to offer 3 tour dates for 2023.  We’re busy making sure everything is back up to standard in Asia, fine tuning itineraries and counting the days until our tours depart in 2023.

Have you ever wanted to enjoy a holiday, travelling to a more exotic place, where you get to experience a new culture, taste some sublime food, and immerse yourself into a range of local activities?  

Then join us on our fully hosted, small group holiday to Vietnam or Thailand.

Hosted by Deborah and Dy, our Forget-Me-Not Holidays have been designed and developed to provide the ultimate relaxation for women. Yes, our holidays are for women just like you.  We believe in a providing a real, authentic, not-so-touristy kind of holiday.

And to make it easy for you, we accompany you throughout the tour. So, if you are travelling by yourself, our tour offers the perfect solution. By being part of our small group, you get to build some great friendships, have the comfort and security of travelling with other like-minded people, so you can fully relax and immerse yourself into our great range of activities.

What’s more, we know you like to get out and about, but still have some time-out for yourselves. That’s why our holiday incorporates a great mix of activities. Sightseeing, visiting some great local attractions, meeting the locals, plus so much more. It’s about the friendships you form, people you meet, and experiencing an amazing new culture.

Hosted by Deborah and Dy, our Forget-Me-Not Holidays have been designed and developed to provide the ultimate relaxation for women. Yes, our holidays are for women only, so you get to do all the things that you really want to do.

Our Vietnam Tour Dates

9-17 April 2023 – limited availability

16-25 Sept 2023 – available 


Our Thailand Tour Dates

15-23 July 2023 – available


What We Can Offer You

Being a holiday just for women, our tour has been tailored around what we know you like to do on holiday. This includes visiting some local markets, experiencing a motorbike tour to see the highlights, dining, cocktails, massages and time out for you to choose what you like to do.

We get out and explore each area we visit, but not in a fast-paced manner. Each day offers something new. Wander through the old town exploring little boutiques, there a fabulous cooking school,  visit the incredible Golden Bridge (Vietnam) and ancient temples in Thailand. Soak up the relaxed ways of life in both these fascinating cultures.

Our holidays are based around two main places: Vietnam – Hoi An (6 nights) and Ho Chi Minh City (3 nights) and Thailand – Bangkok (3 nights) and Koh Samui (5 nights). With us, you aren’t always on the move. You get to truly rest and relax at our chosen resort / 4 star+ hotel…so put your feet up, unwind, and really explore these two amazing places.

Our groups are small (8-10) people, ideal for easy moving around, and perfect for developing new long-lasting friendships.

You can choose to travel with one of us as a host if you would prefer or you are welcome to meet us at the hotel at the beginning of your holiday. We are both based here in New Zealand.

Plus, everything is taken care of. We’ve worked out some great things for you to see and do, but we’ve kept it at an easy going pace. We know you’re on holiday, and that means some time out is all part of it!

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For more information, or to book your place simply contact us or phone us on 027 425 5995, we love to chat.

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Forget-Me-Not Holidays is based in New Zealand, providing women only holidays and tours to Asia.