find a penny, pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck”


Meet one of my dream customers on a recent Vietnam holiday.

Penny from Christchurch

There’s a reassuring feeling you get when you meet someone who’s really nice!  I knew it was going to be so lovely to have her in the group as soon as I met her.  Well that’s Penny.  She recently joined our group of ladies for 10 days in Vietnam with her sister Jo.

I was immediately drawn to her warm, gentle personality and kind nature.  It was no surprise to learn she’s a dedicated nurse of 35 years.  We all know how hard nurses work, and the caring nature of Penny really stood out. We chatted by the pool about her lovely family, grown up and living in different parts of the world, her busy husband and her family life and her reasons for joining our wee group.

She told me that her sister Jo was keen to come along and when she asked her to join her, it was an easy ‘ yes’.  Here’s some feedback from Penny about her experience:

“I wonder if there is something different about travelling with a group of similar age like-minded women?  I would recommend that aspect, the group size is good and everything is so well organised.  I felt relaxed and supported about any new situations and enjoyed having time to explore with a sense of independence and achievement”.

I think women get more vibrant and want to do more as our families grow up and I meet lots of women who are on their own, or have a husband who doesn’t share their excitement about travelling.  It’s just not the same staying in foreign places with no one to share it.  One of the best things about small groups is having someone to wander with, the cocktails at 5 where we laugh about the funny things that happened during the day.

Women are good together, we just get it!  If you can relate, let’s chat, maybe our boutique holidays might suit you.

Penny for your thoughts?