What happens on tour, stays on tour, well unless its so funny, we had to share!

When did you last enjoy yourself so much, really laughed, felt relaxed and had fun.

On our recent Vietnam holiday, there were so many funny things that happened, but one stood out.  We were lazing by the pool one hot afternoon, right before cocktail hour, and my lovely guest Kathleen and I were chatting, whilst the other ladies were in the pool.  I had a thought to dare Kathleen (who’s in her mid 60’s) to do a bomb in the pool.  Well not thinking she would, of course Kathleen was up for it.  She walked casually towards the pool, no one noticing, and then, jumped with the biggest splash she could muster, into the middle of the group.  Not realising who it was at first, suddenly up bobs Kathleen.  The ladies couldn’t believe it.  The shrieks of laughter were so loud, it caused several people to come out of their hotel rooms to see what the kerfuffle was all about, and we laughed about it for days.

Thanks Kathleen for letting us share your sense of fun, it was priceless.  I think in that moment we were all living our best versions of ourselves (and we finally understood what that actually meant).

Here’s a wee video after the splash, out of respect for Kathleen, we’ve kept the first part private.

Another time we’ll share with you what happened when our local guide Mot got his English mixed up and ‘virgin’ became‘vegan’.  A  ‘lost in translation’ moment, eeek!

We’re creating memories on our holidays.  Who cares about more stuff in our lives, let’s have fun.  Our holidays are for women of all ages, although usually 45+, inclusive, easy going and authentic.  Enquire and see if you’re a good fit for what we offer.