Immerse yourself in local culture as you travel

Have you ever wanted to travel to an exciting new country, immerse yourself in a new environment and discover local culture and customs? Do you ever yearn to experience a new destination with all its unique history and traditions? Are you seeking a holiday where you can meet and forge genuine connections with locals as well as your travel companions?

These days, it can be all too easy to travel to a destination and stay at a global hotel brand, visit worldwide restaurant chains and barely interact with the people who live there. However, we believe the real magic is in getting involved in the community, stumbling upon amazing gems off the beaten track, experiencing day-to-day life and taking part in activities that allow you to get to know a destination on a deeper level. Surprising conversations, trying something new and seeing life from a new perspective – these are the parts of a holiday that you never forget.

So, how can you take a holiday that incorporates these enchanting elements of discovery and humanity?

Activity-based holidays in Vietnam

Our group holidays to Vietnam feature a number of unforgettable activities, dreamed up to enhance your holiday and connect you to this country’s roots. The really great thing is that you have the option to do as much or as little as you’d like. If you’re eager to take up every  opportunity to get involved, you can keep busy with activities throughout the journey. On the other hand, if your ultimate holiday features a little more relaxing by the pool with a cocktail in hand, you can while away the days doing just that. Partake in the activities of your choice – after all, it’s your holiday, and you’ve earnt the right to savour every moment.

In Hoi An, you can visit a cooking school and try your hand at making a mouth-watering regional dish from scratch, and then get your adrenaline pumping by jumping on the back of a motorcycle to explore vibrant green rice paddies as the countryside whizzes by. Imagine bonding with locals and sharing moments of excitement and joy with your travel companions as you learn how to make lanterns at a nearby charity or express your creativity together in a Vietnamese painting class.

You could even unleash your inner shutterbug with a photography lesson, or visit and donate to a local orphanage.

All that and that’s just Hoi An.  In Ho Chi Minh City, you’ll have even more chances to connect to the authentic Vietnam. Take in the hustle and bustle of night markets, see the sights of the life-giving Saigon River, and learn all about Vietnamese history along the way. You might even get the opportunity to visit a shelter for local women and children where you can lend a helping hand. While it’s always amazing to see all the impressive highlights of a destination, it can be equally important to acknowledge the other side of the coin, and the realities for some of those living there.

See how Vietnamese people live, engage with them and learn about their lives, and there’s no doubt you’ll have a beautiful, enriching holiday. Not to mention, you will also end the trip having created bonds with like-minded women, some of whom are likely to become your lifelong friends. Whether you want to dabble in one, several or every activity possible, you can experience a dream journey at your own pace with our Vietnam group holidays. Please reach out if you have any questions – we’d love to see you on our next trip and we’ll make it one to remember.