2018 mantra: Travel is the best form of self-improvement

A new year is a fresh slate, an opportunity to mindfully make decisions and put in place practices that will make your lifestyle better. A popular example of this is starting a diet or buying a gym membership – and while physical health is very important, self care, connection and mental wellbeing – or even just a bit of fun – are frequently overlooked in the quest for improvement.

Making time for yourself to do something that’s just for you, like booking that trip you have been meaning to take, should be a top priority and have pride of place on any list of resolutions! Here’s why:

Widen your horizons

Going somewhere you’ve never been before is an enriching experience, almost without fail. A new place, overflowing with everything which might excite your senses from food to colour to vibrant humanity and beautiful nature, is an adventure that will expand your comfort zone and leave you with a broader perspective of the world.

Head into the new year with a trip booked, and you will be guaranteed to leave 2018 behind knowing more about yourself and the earth which you inhabit. If that’s not self improvement, what is?

Forge connections

Travel is not only about places, but also about people. For most women, close friendships and shared experiences are very important to mental health, and making cherished connections around the globe is a surefire way to make your new year amazing.

While a holiday presents opportunities for incredible activities and unforgettable sightseeing experiences, there are also the low-key special moments which will forge friendships which last a moment or a lifetime.

Give back

There’s a small amount of selfishness in any act of charity or philanthropy, in that it almost always sparks good feeling in the person giving – and is often also a vehicle for self improvement. A trip during which you can do some small thing for the place or people you visit ticks many of the boxes for what constitutes a great new year.

Being in a new place and amongst a new culture can empower you to seek out things you can do to help, in a way that offers valuable connection on both sides of the encounter. Travel is more than just seeing sights, it can include the touching of souls too.

Make time for fun

Nurturing your mental wellbeing can mean simply having a good time. Travel is many things, as mentioned above, but ultimately it is intended to be fun. A holiday will be above all a hugely enjoyable experience to lift your spirits and make your new year better.

Scheduling in things that you truly want to do means that a trip is not a frantic blur of sights to see and hours spent on the road, but an enjoyable and just plain fun experience. Don’t feel pressured to opt for what’s considered popular or intrepid – if that means taking a cooking class over climbing a mountain, so be it.

Make time for travel in 2018

There are plenty of reasons that your list of new year’s resolutions should include an indulgent getaway just for you. Our holidays in sublime Vietnam are the ideal travel option for women who want to improve their wellbeing in 2018, offering a unique break from normal life. Relaxed itineraries with a whole range of enriching, optional activities – from motorbike tours to night markets – include plenty of time to unwind by the pool, and the comfortable accommodations are true retreats. There is no bouncing between places, with just two destinations: Gorgeous UNESCO-listed Hoi An, and bustling, vibrant Ho Chi Minh City.

Forget-me-not holidays also provides opportunities for giving back to the amazing communities they visit, creating connection and food for the soul. If a women-only, perfectly crafted trip in beautiful Vietnam sounds like your ideal New Years resolution, send us a message on our Facebook page or check out the Tour Information on our website for the next departures in April and September 2018.