Learning is not just for the classroom

Going on holiday offers the space to step outside of yourself, try new things, and reset and rejuvenate a tired routine. One fabulous way to embrace this opportunity is to commit to learning a new skill. With your senses heightened and your curiosity in overdrive, focusing your attention on a new craft can deliver a wealth of benefits.

There are many reasons to take the plunge and sign up to learn something new and different during your next holiday:

1 . It’s fun

That’s the number one reason to do anything when you’re on holiday: fun! A class can be even more enjoyable than a common form of entertainment like a movie or show, as it encourages interaction with other participants, and the hands-on nature of learning is something which many people find to be more engaging than just watching.

2 . Connection

Learning is a fantastic way to connect with others – be it your own group, other travellers or the local people. From a photography lesson to a craft workshop to a language class or even a dance lesson, you will be put into situations you might not find elsewhere, and have opportunities to interact and make friends with people you would not otherwise have met.

Learning can also help to connect you with a place. Knowing how to cook and enjoy the food of a particular culture is a great way to truly acquaint yourself with it, as is learning a local craft or language.

3 . Brain food

Getting your brain working on something that’s not the stress of “real life” does wonders for mind, body and soul. The idea of taking a class may not strike you as particularly relaxing or rejuvenating, but the act of learning is surprisingly refreshing and motivating.

Learning, when it’s something in which you have an interest, can leave you feeling invigorated and excited, the perfect vibe for your adventures. It’s also a great way to give that sense of accomplishment, the part of daily life that many holidaymakers find themselves missing when they’re suddenly not busy!

4. Something to take home

Souvenirs are great, and photos even better when it comes to remembering your holiday – but a new skill is a fabulous gift to take back to real life when you have to return. It is something useful and enjoyable that will remind you of your trip whenever you use it.

Imagine serving up a spectacular Asian meal at your next dinner party or decorating your home with crafts that you made by hand – what a way to make sure that your adventure continues. Experiences are almost always more value for money than “things”, and this is no exception.

Forget-me- not Holidays are big proponents of learning while on holiday – and there are many opportunities to exercise your mind during our fabulous 10-day Vietnam itineraries. The women-only holidays have a laid-back schedule with many options for a little self-improvement including Vietnamese cooking classes, craft and painting workshops and photography lessons, as well as exciting and enriching new experiences like motorbike tours and orphanage visits.

To find out some more about Forget-me-not Holidays, the available dates and the many great activities on offer, contact us on our Facebook page or check out the Tour Information tab on our website. Which new skill would you love to acquire?