The most enriching holidays cover a short itinerary at a relaxing pace

There’s a bit of a paradox that often applies to holidays: the less you do, the more you get out of it. While going somewhere fabulous only to sit in a hotel room for a week is not the best way to enjoy your getaway, neither is racing from landmark to restaurant to attraction and back again. A balance is necessary, one which includes as much enriching activity as you desire while leaving plenty of time for rejuvenating rest and relaxation.

Reap the health benefits

Avoiding a packed schedule is better for you! Most people take holidays because they need a break, and relaxation should be number one on the agenda. Resting and de-stressing has been proven to benefit physical and mental health, and is extremely important – particularly for those with busy lifestyles at home.

Beautiful nature, spa treatments, a slow pace and pools to laze by help to create the perfect balance with the energetic, exciting activities to offer a holiday that’s good for mind, body and soul.

Enjoy it fully

If your own wellbeing isn’t a good enough reason to slow down and smell the holiday roses, perhaps the lure of connecting with your destination will be. It’s hard to take in a place when you are rushing around to see the tourist hotspots, and while a packed schedule might get you the right photos for your album or instagram account, it won’t leave you with an intimate knowledge of the country or city you have visited.

To really get to know a place, you need to spend a few hours wandering, eat in the local restaurants, take a cooking class, enjoy the natural beauty of your chosen destination and generally take the time to acquaint yourself. A proper holiday will give you the chance to do just that.

Return refreshed

Don’t get home from your long-desired holiday feeling like you need another one to recover! A slow-paced holiday without too many activities will see you heading back calm, collected, rested and ready for work or whatever else it is that awaits after the fun is over.

The ideal getaway is one that rejuvenates. Most destinations have myriad beautiful and tranquil spaces amongst the bustle, even the busiest of cities – and if you slow down enough to enjoy them, you will come away refreshed and ready for whatever real life will throw at you.

Where can you go to find a holiday with plenty of time to breathe? Forget Me Not, a Kiwi-owned niche tour company, has taken the concept of “do less, get more” and perfected it. The women-only tours of Vietnam cover just two destinations over ten days: the amazing and historical Hoi An and exciting, vibrant Ho Chi Minh City (previously known as Saigon). This relaxed schedule allows plenty of space and time between the optional, carefully chosen activities, to spend however you see fit. Beautiful, comfortable accommodation and enriching opportunities to engage with the community make it an ideal getaway – and Vietnam will undoubtedly astound you with its richness as a travel destination.

A past client, Cathie, had this to say: “I have been telling everyone about it. The thing I keep saying is that it is easy and relaxing. Just what we all need in these crazy lives we lead.”

If you’re looking to carve out some time in the New Year to take an easy, relaxing break and explore an incredible new destination, take a look under “Tour Info” on our website to see the itineraries and the available departure dates in April and September 2018. If you have questions, send us a message on our Facebook page to find out more.