“I loved the trip. Really loved Hoi An. Highlights were the motorbike tour and the cooking school. Having relaxing time was lovely. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Culture, shopping, bit of pampering and fantastic food. Great holiday.”


“I loved it all! The motorbikes were a fabulous way to see the place – both Hoi An and Ho Chi Minh City. The dinner at Mot’s house was a real highlight. He was so kind to us and couldn’t have been more helpful. Mot paced the street food tour really well and could see we were getting tired and made sure we got back to the hotel safely. On that note – at no stage did I feel unsafe. Lifestart day was a great way to support a positive initiative.”


“Having some clothing made was a fun experience and I would definitely do this again.”


“I have been telling everyone about it. The thing I keep saying is that it is easy and relaxing. Just what we all need in these crazy lives we lead. ” 


“It was better than I expected it to be and I expected it to be great.  The other women were wonderful. ” 


“I really liked having something planned for us to look forward to.  There was also enough free time.  Dy was excellent and it really was a fun way to experience Vietnam. ” 


“I loved connecting with my close friends in a new environment, getting to know them more intimately, and I loved meeting new people from Vietnam. Completing a blog of our trip was the best decision ever…a great way to share with others and reread to remind me I was actually there!”


“I definately felt included, it was great getting to know everyone, I had lots of laughs. I  felt quite relaxed and supported about any new situations or descions made”


“Dy was in her element. We were in awe of her people skills. I think she is the perfect person for this. She loves to connect with everyone she meets.”


“My main purpose for wanting to travel to Vietnam was for the well-being benefits I would be gaining. I have focused on well-being for the past couple of years at school and have looked into the well-being of others, (children, parents and staff) and I needed to focus on my own well-being.”


“It’s a really fantastic stress free holiday experience where you are well catered for and you don’t need to worry about catching flights etc, but you get to experience a whole different culture.  I feel rejuvenated!”


“Such amasing memories forever.  Everything has been absolutely wonderful.  Well done Dy and Deborah, you have a great business.”


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